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Requesting a refund can be hectic if you do not follow the procedure correctly or are unaware of how to proceed with it. In this blog, we are guiding you with the information about requesting refunds from Spotify. If you are in the same boat then this guide is for you.

We have listed a few of the topics such as can I get a refund on Spotify, how to refund Spotify premium if I cancel Spotify premium will I get a refund, does cancel Spotify premium refund, etc. Subscribers when they purchase the subscription their minds might be full of these types of questions without any answer. Read the article till the end to get your queries responded to.

Can I get a refund from Spotify?

Spotify is an app for music lovers where millions of podcasts, songs, and videos are available to users for free. You need to pay for the Premium version.

Subscribe to Premium then you can play different songs and skip to other songs as you prefer. Most importantly, obtain access to 320 Kbps for streaming.

This feature is quite eye-catching but when you do not want the subscription anymore then what do you need to do.

The refund policy of Spotify

After subscribing to the Premium version you can access the perks instantly. 

When you decide to opt out from the subscription if you paid the Premium Code. It is also significant that the purchase made fits certain conditions:

  • You need to request a refund when you made the purchase till the 14th day.
  • During that period the service Spotify cannot be used.

If you cancel after the deadline then no refunds are allotted though cancel the premium. Here the 14 days is the period of cooling-off and therefore helps you to determine if you need the account or not.

It may be a challenging task to do as you cannot utilize the perks without lending the right to the refund.

You will not receive the refund though you did not log in to the account after the 14 days have passed.

How to refund your Spotify subscription?

You can send an email to cancel the purchase of the Premium Code at mention the code number correctly and get the refund from Spotify.

We have listed two conditions for you in which Spotify will approve your refund request:

  • If the code provided is not supported then reach the customer support of Spotify and ask for a code replacement or seek a refund.
  • In case you did not check the subscription list and paid for the services that are discontinued then you are sure to have your refunds.
  • No refunds on Spotify for other issues respecting the plan of the Premium.

How can I get a refund on Spotify for U unexpected charges?

Sometimes you might know the reasons for the fees charged. Let’s see what were the reasons:

  • There might be different reasons that two fees are being charged on the same account.
  • Did not cancel the free trial version and at last, it move to a paid one.
  • You were charged in advance for the Premium package on the account.

Accidently you were charged two times in the same month

Whatever the plan you purchase you will be charged only once a month. If you were charged twice then you need to look for a few aspects:

  • If the payment is pending this means that Spotify will attempt to charge the account afterward. One will be taken and the other one will be canceled.
  • If you cancel the subscription plan. Then the payment for the new plan will be in a few days earlier than the regular days.
  • Sometimes you have two accounts that lead to a problem because you log in to a different account instead of the main account.

The free trial is ended and automatically moved to the paid version

The best option for attracting users is Spotify. It gives a free trial while signing up for the first time. In order to acquire the free trial then furnish the credit card details.

When you forgot to cancel you will be charged to a paid version before the end of the free trials.

If the situation occurs sometimes then use the virtual card. You have to use the free trial but forgot to unsubscribe and so it moved to the paid version.

When you face the situation then it’s good to utilize a credit card while signing for the free trials. Virtual credit cards are the generated numbers of credit cards that approve to log in on the account for free trials. You do not need to worry about the ending of the trials.

Charges are made for another Month in a paid version

Once the trial period ends you will charge the subscription fee for another month as you did not cancel the subscription.

You need to cancel the subscription before you are charged for another month.

After canceling, you are reduced to the Free Service.

If you got charged as you forget to cancel the subscription then you will not receive any refunds for it. So, you need to cancel the subscription before the end of the month.

Does canceling Spotify Premium refund?

If you cancel the Spotify before the time mentioned then a refund is possible. If Spotify automatically upgraded but you do not want to subscribe and wish to prevent the payments monthly then you can choose to cancel.

The steps to be followed to cancel the Premium plan:

  1. You can request a refund by going through the website of Spotify.
  2. Next tap on the Login tab.
  3. Tap on the Subscription option.
  4. A window pops up and there find the plan name after that tap on the Cancel tab.
  5. If you wish to use the free option then click on it. Otherwise, proceed to follow the next step.
  6. Tap on the Cancel Premium button.
  7. Now, proceed through the onscreen instructions and complete the procedure.

In the account, you will find the details of the Premium features till it was changed to free. No refunds for the days left but you can enjoy benefits till the subscription termination.

Spotify Drake refund

You will not find any policy from Spotify for Drake but the support team deals with the queries of the refund on the basis of case by case.

Spotify refund Student

If you register into the student premium but are not able to cancel then check the above-mentioned article to understand better. 

You will not find any phone number for requesting a refund on Spotify. There is only an email and website method to request a refund on Spotify.

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