How to refund Skrill Transaction

Skrill is an online payment platform along with services offered to transfer money. Now sending and receiving money is a piece of cake with Skrill but this might not be the same for all customers. Some might not receive services as expected and wish to request a refund. We will be discussing how to get refunds on Skrill on this page. Hope going through the page customers can easily get their way to refunds.

What Refund Policy is held by Skrill?

Customers can find the option to get a refund on Skrill. The process seems to be inflexible as there does not possess any easy go-through to get the money back if refunds are possible, Does refunds are credited to Skrill Wallet, PayPal refunded to Skrill Card, what about a refund of 8 months old on Skrill, etc?

Here are a few of the points to help you to finalize the Skrill refund:-

  • The amount transacted and the currency type need to be furnished 
  • Transaction details i.e. Date and Time 
  • Provide the Email Address used in Skrill 
  • The transaction ID should be furnished 

The refund policy of the 6th month is reasonable, there might not be a requirement for a refund to date. In case the need arises, Skrill will surely refund you through the process of withdrawal.

The time to process might take 15 days if you are new to Skrill and this is your first experience. 

How to refund money on Skrill 

Requesting a refund is not an easy task as it seems to be that too with a platform like Skrill. Users who want to take the risk need to follow the prerequisite as mentioned:

  • Call customer support before the transaction is processed because after this no returns will be approved.
  • The transaction follows the window of 6 months, this means refunds are available within the given period.
  • The most important point to note is that transaction date and time should be kept safe in order to furnish when asked.

The Skrill customer team will help you to resolve your problems but you need to have patience as this may take much more time than you expect.

There are different ways to look for Refund Status on Skrill:

  • You can check the status of the Skrill refund via the website at
  • Go to Portal and log in to your Account.
  • Get support through Live Chat.
  • Dial -1-855-719-2087 or  -44-203-308-2520 for UK users.

Refund problems on Skrill

The main problem with Skrill’s refund is that you need to contact customer service and get the problem resolved by yourself. This process takes time increasing the time to refund the money back.

You just want the money but waiting for hours to get in touch with the support team is hectic. If luck favors your request will be accepted and approved for a refund but in case the service offered is bad leading to a scam then you might also lose the money. 

What is the refund time on Skrill? 

Refunds will be given once processed and received in a week. If you have not received it after 7 days, you need to reach the customer team.


Does Skrill Wallet Refund?

Yes, Skrill wallet refunds. If you want to eliminate any purchases, get a refund on cancellation. Contact the merchant and ask them to refund the Skrill Wallet.

Yes, Skrill wallet refunds. If you want to eliminate any purchases, get a refund on cancellation. Contact the merchant and ask them to refund the Skrill Wallet.

Skrill Refund Neobux 

Skrill users have lost their accounts because accounts are being blocked and Neobux did not receive any refund. Account holders after requesting refunds fail to retrieve their money.

Skrill Refund 8-month-old

If you do not make the request in 6 months no refunds will be allotted after you surpass the given window.

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