How do I contact Opodo for a refund?

Struggling to get a refund from Opodo is one of the major drawbacks that a customer faces. Browsing from one page to another in search of answers to reach customer service but unable to get to any of the representatives. In order to receive Opodo refunds effortlessly we will be discussing about the methods to ask for refunds.

Opodo serves as a travel unit providing flight ticket deals at reasonable prices. However, the company is sometimes at fault when customers try contacting reps for refunds on cancellation. If you are with similar reasons, requesting a refund at Opodo might not be as easy as it seems. For this, here on this page, a few topics have been discussed to resolve your queries.

What is the refund policy of Opodo?

To request a refund at Opodo learning about the company’s policies on refunds is noteworthy. When you miss a flight and seek refunds no money will be returned to you as you are at fault. Cancellation of flight at Opodo needs to be done in advance and this is the case where you are eligible for a refund. Budgeted book tickets are also non-refundable. Check for the fine print before opting to purchase tickets so that you do not have to be at loss.

Still, the airline offers alternative options for customers in such situations:-

  • Vouchers will be provided that can be utilized for a future flight.
  • Modification of flight date is possible.

As of now, you are familiar with the refund policy and how it is processed. Let’s have a look at Opodo Refund Problems.

How can I avoid Problems at Opodo for a refund?

Opodo indeed offers refunds if you are eligible. Provide relevant information in order to get the refunds effortlessly. Booking through agents without using the original site can be confronted problems while requesting a refund back.

To avoid matters for refund requests at Opodo:-

  • Try canceling the booked tickets prior to the scheduled date of departure.
  • Check the ticket whether refunded or not on cancellation.
  • Third-party bookings are canceled through them. If you cancel the ticket online you might face problems.

If Opodo Flights are canceled by the airline, a refund is automatically provided without requesting it as per the policy. There might be other alternatives instead of refunds like vouchers or rescheduling of the date.

How can I get a refund from Opodo?

To contact customer service at Opodo, options are available such as phone number, via Chat, and Online.

i) Opodo Request Refund using Phone Number 

  • Dial -44-207-660-8892 and wait for the rep to answer the call.
  • Once answered, enquire about the flight cancellation plans.
  • Next, ask them to cancel the booked ticket and request a refund.
  • Understand what are the ways to get your refunds and the time taken to process refunds.

ii) Refund Opodo through Chat

The steps involved to chat online in order to request a refund are as follows:-

  • Click to enter the homepage of the site.
  • Tap on the link, “Can we help?”.
  • Next, you will be taken to the Help page.
  • Select the option “Chat with us”.
  • Make sure to furnish details of the request you made for refunds.

iii) Request Opodo refund on canceled flights Online

If you are facing trouble getting the refunds by utilizing the above two options, select the online option to get your money refunded.

Click on the option “My Trips” using the website. Go through the booking details of the flight, statuses of refund, and so on.

Login using the account details or provide the Email ID along with the reference number.

You can easily get the details and logging using Facebook or Email and Password or Google Account more options are available.

You can make any changes online and also full and valid information can be acquired through an account without much effort.

Opodo Refund Status 

Refunds on Opodo take 7 working days to appear in the account statement. The allotted time has been extended in recent days as refunds might take up to months to show up in the account.

Booking through Opodo might take much time to refund customers as Opodo is not an airline. First, the company needs to receive permission to issue a refund and then the refund will be allocated to you.

The money refunded will reach the same manner as you selected for purchasing the ticket. Contact the bank if the amount does not appear in the given time period.

Opodo Refund Reviews 

Opodo reviews seem to be terrible because all customers are not happy with the refund on cancellation and some might not be able to reach customer service for assistance.

Contact reps using the above-mentioned contact number and online.

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