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Many travelers do not like to discuss the things that can hinder you from going on a trip. It might be the climate, disease, delays due to technical issues, and different other issues that are out of your control which can affect a planned trip or vacation to drop out from the plan, and if this type of case happens you need to proceed to ask for a refund.

If you purchased the ticket from a third party then you need to know how to get the refund, what are the refund policies, how to cancel the Orbitz flight, and so on. These questions might come to your mind and we are here to help you out.

Fortunately, getting your flight canceled and receiving the refund money back, actually with Orbitz is quite simple. It hardly needs to follow a few steps and soon after that money is back in your account.

Orbitz, which was established in the year 2001, is an American site to travel aggregators for fair and metasearch engines. This was possessed by Orbitz Worldwide, Inc., an associate of the Expedia Group.

Let’s assume that you have booked on Orbitz, but due to some reasons you dropout your plan. Now you want your booking fee back.

What is the Refund Policy of Orbitz?

A facilitator between the customer and the one who provide the service. The refund will depend on the reules and regulations specified by the service provider, which you will be required to follow while booking.

Orbitz won’t refund if you have any of the following cases:-

  • Delay.
  • Cancellation.
  • Overbooking.
  • Strike.
  • If there is a war or natural disaster.
  • Other reasons are beyond the direct control of companies.

For cancellation of service the reason whatever it might be you need to understand about Orbitz:-

  • Flight refund policy
  • Hotel refund policy
  • Vacation packages refund policy
  • Cars refund policy
  • Cruises refund policy
  • Activities refund policy

Orbitz Flight Cancellation Refund Policy

You will get your refund back if the booking is canceled within 24 hours of making the reservation.

If the booked flight is non-refundable, then you will get the return as credit so that the refund can be utilized in booking for the future.

The Orbitz Bargain tickets Fares are final and cannot be exchanged, changed, or refundable.

Orbitz Hotel Refund Policy

If the booking of the hotel is canceled before the scheduled date then you will receive the full amount back as a refund.

If the booked hotel is non-refundable or the scheduled date for cancellation is over then you cannot get any refund back.

Orbitz Vacation Packages Refund Policy

If the booking for vacation package:-

  • Within 24 hours, then you will be eligible for a full refund.
  • If the cancellation is done after 24 hours of booking you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Orbitz Cars Refund Policy

You need to check the rental car itinerary for attributes and look if your reservation is refundable or not. If so, you need to cancel 6 hours before you take the vehicle.

The refund is not provided for the time that is unused if the car is being returned ahead of the scheduled time.

Orbitz Cruises Refund Policy 

Most booking on the cruise gets full refunds if the booking is canceled 90 days before the flight.

Orbitz Activities Refund Policy 

There is always a deadline for cancellations so keep in mind and cancel before the date to get refunds. Some departments might do not give the activities eligible for a refund so check the terms and policies carefully according to the purchased tickets.

How to get a flight refund from an Orbitz?

There are two methods or say ways to get the refunds back to your account.

  • Via Phone.
  • Through Website.

How to get an airfare refund from Orbitz Refund over the Phone?

This method to contact customer service through the phone is very simple and easy. You are not required to follow any hard steps to get the refund. Just dial at the preferred numbers below:

  • Within the US – 1-888-656-4546 
  • For individual outside the US – 312-416-0018 

You need to take your required details and also the itinerary number at hand.

Are Orbitz flights refundable online?

Yes, they are refundable in just a few clicks you can complete the process. Login to the Orbitz account and ask for compensation.

Follow the instructions as given below:-

  1. First, you need to visit the option “My Trips“.
  2. Next, search for the service that you want to cancel in the itinerary.
  3. Tap the Cancel button.
  4. Go through the on-screen instructions but it will each service will differ from one another.

How much time does Orbitz takes to Refund?

There are different times to process your refunds, as per the portal of Orbitz’s customer service:

  • The maximum time taken to make a request for canceling the service is 48 hours for hotel, car, or activity if booked partly or individually package.
  • For the flights and time depend on the airline which is booked separately or portion of a package, the maximum time is 12 weeks.

The time to credit the amount in your account depends on the payment provider PayPal or the bank. For tracking the refund status, reach the bank or the provider of your payment.

The original mode for payment is used to refund back your money. An email from Orbitz will be delivered to your account if the refund is processed and also timing to get the refund  

How to check the refund status of Orbitz?

Visit the Trip Help option and select your itinerary from the list below. Once the page opens up check the refund status.

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